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Do you think "Honey for a Child's Heart" has a non sectarian appeal?

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I am in the process of planning for the 2011-2012 term for the mother's homeschooling group I facilitate.

This coming year I will be doing a broader range of advertisement, opening the group up to a wider range of membership with a non sectarian focus.

The topic the group will be focusing on is "the imaginative use of books in family life" using "Honey for a Child's Heart" as the text.

Although the author is a Christian, do you think this book has "non sectarian" appeal?

Thank you!

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No I don't. I received the book as a gift and while I enjoyed parts of it, it is very Christian in much of its focus IMO. A better non-sectarian choice would be Jim Trelease's "The Read Aloud Handbook" IMO.


(And I say that as a Christian - if your group is mostly Christian or doesn't mind a book with a Christian focus, then it would be a great choice - but not if you're looking for something more secular).

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Not particularly, at least not for a sustained focus. I'm Jewish and looked through it a while back at the library -- worth a quick skim, but I agree with the suggestion for The Read-Aloud Handbook as much better suited to a nonsectarian audience. I also really like Esme Codell's How to Get Your Child to Love Reading. Lots of great and very creative suggestions.

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