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Teachers' Lounge! 12-21-2010

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Happy Monday!


What's for Lunch? Me: had snap peas, little tomatoes, and roasted garlic hummus. May have a sandwich a bit later.


Have you had any schedule changes for today? Me: we were supposed to go on a field trip to Krispy Kreme today BUT since the kids have colds with coughs strong enough to power an Aleutian ship, we stayed home. And I'm keeping them home as much as possible this week, so we can all BE HEALTHY on Christmas.


What was your favorite part about this past weekend? Me: I broke out one of the Read Alouds for the next Core and began to read it to my daughter. Even dh and ds sat down to listen! :)


Are you reading anything for you (no school books) right now? Me: decided that, since kids are on break and today, by choice, are upstairs listening to The Lost Heroes (Rick Riordan), I'm going to re-read Twilight.



Talk to me! :bigear:

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Happy Monday!


I didn't really have lunch, I had brunch. It was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich because I was too busy to prepare anything more than that.


We are already on break. We've taken the whole month off to clean the house, reorganize and bake.


My favorite part of the weekend was leaving the older three kids with my mom and going Christmas shopping with my husband and the baby. We went out to lunch and had the first uninterrupted conversation we've had in months. It was really nice, and peaceful. Little Kelly was angel the whole day.


I'm currently doing my fourth load of laundry for the day and about to go make a batch of peanut butter blossoms.

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I'm here! I had to eat lunch first so that I could tell you what I ate!


Lunch - Chicken sandwich with cranberry sauce, celery and carrot sticks dipped into hummus.


Schedule changes - Yes! One of the cats that we have taken care of across the street for 3 whole months has disappeared. We already searched their house once from top to bottom. And we called the two other people who have keys to see if they had been over and seen the cat (no). Now we have to go search the house again. If we don't find her, I will call the housekeeping service to see if they saw her last Friday. Then - if we still can't find her, I need to contact the owners in China. . .:confused:


Last Weekend - Had a good time hosting my son's friend on Saturday.


Reading - I'm enjoying a new cozy mystery series by Carolyn Hart about a ghost named Bailey Ruth. I wholeheartedly recommend them!

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Lunch: fried rice


Schedule change: My 18 month old is supposed to be taking a nap, but he's just jabbering away in there. Heaven help me at 5 pm tonight. It won't be pretty.


Favorite thing about the weekend: I made hubby pull out the tree, we kinda cleaned the living room, and we all got to eat at the table for dinner last night (he had a bunch of junk on it from a project he was working on)


Reading: I just finished reading Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Childbirth.

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We drove through a Chinese place. I got beef lo mein and dd got sweet and sour chicken. The serving of lo mein could have fed 4 and it was just a lunch order!


I had a doctor's appointment this morning. I was expecting to just hear, "You're doing great, keep it up!" but instead heard, "I'm feeling a lump in your neck and I want you to have an ultra sound to find out what it is." :glare:


My favorite part about last week was the lovely conversation with a man at church.


I'm not reading anything right now. I should be, though!

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What's for Lunch? An iced coffee and a tapas tray with kalamata tapenade, bruschetta, hummus, and fresh salsa at the local coffee place. We went for dh to pick out his Christmas present. This place roasts beans on site and has a huge selection of beans from all over the world. Dh was in heaven. I liked it myself. :D


Have you had any schedule changes for today? Yes, the lunch out at the coffee place. And we just got done decorating our tree.


What was your favorite part about this past weekend? Snuggling up with ds and teaching him a few new Christmas songs.


Are you reading anything for you (no school books) right now? Survival Gardening. It's all about how to grow enough to feed one person year round with balanced nutrition in 1000sq ft of gardening space.

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Lunch was a microwaveable stir fry rice and vegetables :tongue_smilie: and a Diet Coke. I LOVE roasted garlic hummus, BTW.


Schedule changes: eh, not really. I had thought I might go grocery shopping today but my back was hurting when I woke up, so I'm staying home.


Favorite thing this weekend: I went to a baby shower for a friend (her kids are 17 years apart!) and it was very nice. I also got a lot of crocheting done.


Reading: Right now it's Back to School Murder by Leslie Meier. It's so-so.

Just finished Christmas Letters by Debbie Macomber, and enjoyed it. Also just finished Scent of Water by Elizabeth Goudge - I recommend it.

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Jean, you're too funny! (Hope you find the cat!)


Whew! I was getting really scared there. We searched the house twice and no cat. I talked to the neighbors and the housekeeper. No one reported seeing her. Then we realized that the storeroom door had been cracked open for a while while we'd gotten more cat litter out. There were too many boxes in there for us to see if she was hiding so I left the door open for an hour. When I went back to see if she was there, she was waiting for me in the living room!!! Yay!!!!!

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