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I need something for history that will require little to no preparation on my part

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that will mostly be self directed by my daughter. She requires one year of American History and one year of World History. She is not that interested in history, so I mostly just want her to enjoy it and meet the requirement. Please help me with suggestions. I am considering Notgrass, but would not use the bible or literature component. What would be easiest for me? My daughter is currently in 9th grade. We have used Amblesideonline for our history in the past. She is doing the ao year 9 reading this year, but there is no writing component, other than narrations, or tests, etc. that are required by my reviewer. I need something with tests, quizes and some writing.:confused:

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Sounds like Notgrass would meet your needs! And it's light enough that if your dd WANTS to do more reading, she can. But there are writing assignments in the book, as well as the quizzes and tests, so LOTS of writing even if you don't do the Lit and Bible study assignments. You might even want to do some of it orally if you can plan a sit-down time with her once or twice a week.

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I agree with Notgrass. It is a solid program that will cover all the basics. We used it for DD#1's junior year American History. We supplemented with the Teaching Company (college level) Am. History DVD course - easy peasy during a year when I also had a 1.5 yo and a newborn. ;) I really needed easy peasy.


ps - we did not use either the Lit or Bible portion, and it worked just fine. I did do American Lit with her that year, and we just read about 10 classic American novels (plus additional short stories) and discussed them.

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