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s/o Simplicity Parenting -- where to buy playsilks?

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Where are some good places to get playsilks? A few posts here recommended Etsy




I also see Sarah's Silks are available on Amazon.


Are colors always the same -- or do some places make softer or more subtle colors? Ditto fabric -- does quality vary a lot?


I'd love to get some advice on this!

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We got ours at Magic Cabin.


I see there is a regular set and a pastel set -- do you know which are more Waldorfy?



I came across a site that has very inexpensive silks in white that you dye yourself--and dyeing instructions, too! They were about 4 bucks each for China silk.


I'll look around and repost when I find it. :001_smile:


Ah, here it is--Dharma Trading


Wow! That is fascinating -- it might be a great project down the road.


Your post reminded me that I had seen silks at Paper, Scissors, Stone




I will still be checking this thread, so please post if you have any experience with silks!


ETA I got some Sarah's Silks at a place called Rainbow Turtle (clearance @ $7.50) and some at Amazon

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