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Looking for the SOTW/Kingfisher cross-reference chart...


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Surely someone out there has already done this and would point me in it's direction? The Kingfisher I have is the white cover 1993 version.


I tried a search of the forum, but didn't turn up what I was looking for. Thanks in advance.


Try this link: http://corefoundations.wordpress.com/scheds-english-and-history/ It's a blog by one of our posters named Christine. Scroll down a little bit, and you'll see SOTW/KHE/UILHW written in blue - you can download the schedule from there. The only thing is, last time I checked (I used it for years!) it was for the red KF. But you might be able to at least match up topics more easily with this. I loved this schedule!

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Thank you! I think I must be overlooking something, though. When I open up the link, what I see is a schedule for world history, using only SOTW and the Usborne book of World History. Have I missed something?


Are you clicking on the first of four blue links, partway down the page? The link says SOTW/KHE/UILEWH Correlations. I can't open the document right now, but it's the one I used and it had all three correlated for all four years.

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I tried uploading a Word and a pdf version of the file -- they are both too large.


If you are still having difficulties opening them from the blog site please pm me, and give me your email address, and I'll email them to you (please list your preference as to Word or pdf).


Yes, the activity guides do have a correlation in there. I discovered though, that a number of chapters have you reading the same encyclopedia references again and again, while others were not getting covered at all. That drove me beserk. . .and thus explains my insane attempt to create this correlation.


A previous poster is correct, the KHE is for the older red book, but the correlation lists all the topic headings, so that may allow you to "update" it quickly.


Hope that helps.

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