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My turn to ask for votes! Please!

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UPDATE: We are in 3rd place with 132 votes. The entries ahead of us have over 200 votes. The voting only lasts another hour!


One of my photographer heroes is having a full session giveaway on Facebook. I entered a picture of Emma. Would you mind to go and vote for her so we can win an awesome photo shoot for our family? You have to "like" the page and then "like" Emma's picture. Here is the link http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=485344931696&set=a.485344616696.263919.169196656696


Thank you so much!!!!

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ok, I just voted. And I'm going to quickly ask my friends to vote, if I know what I'm doing on FB.


I just created an acct. so I could have my friends here see pictures (when I try to post them online the files are too big to take?) and so I could vote, but I don't see my vote on your page????????


BTW, if it does show up, the CUTE pic is of dd11 on Halloween.

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We've moved from 14th place this morning to 6th!! We definitely have a chance, but the top 3 have over 100 votes each. The leader is the picture of the little one lying on his dad's military coat. His daddy is in Iraq. I believe they deserve to win. Either way, thank you all for your votes so far!!!

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