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WWE2 for a struggling 5th grader?

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My dd5th grade is finally blossoming into an interested learner. To the standards of many, she is "behind". To me, she is "finally" showing signs of readiness to learn. Is it too "out there" to start her in level two of Writing With Ease? I purchased Level 3 and had planned to implement after Christmas. Now, I'm thinking I should order Level 2 and begin there. I did not think about finding a sample on WTM (a generous sample that really gives a good feel for the program) and ordered L3 based on a sample I saw on another website. Now that I've taken a healthy look at L2 I think she might really benefit from starting there.


Your thoughts, please! :bigear:


P.S. We're about to go see The Dawn Treader so I feel compelled to use the popcorn smiley. :lurk5:

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