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PB ball candy recipe--

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I found this one--does it look right? It's been YEARS since I've made these, &...I might only remember eating them. Iow, maybe someone else made them, lol.


Anyway, dh just told me last night that Christmas is the only time he really minds being allergic to chocolate. They always had peanut butter cups in their stockings, & it makes him nostalgic.


I was thinking I might make these, & use a butterscotch topping instead of chocolate? Or even white chocolate (it effects him less). But I want to make sure it's a really good recipe.


I'm also planning on making a bunch of gluten-free cookie dough to stock the freezer w/, so he can pull those out whenever he wants as easily as the rest of us can.


Hmmm...anything else? :001_smile:

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When I read the title, I glanced over it and somehow read: PB Brandy recipe, I thought to myself "yup that sounds right & good." :001_smile: Checked out the link and they do look scrumptious.

If I didn't think the power will go any moment, I may be persuaded to bake some myself.

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