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Dr. Hive, Progesterone Help

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This is my second month on Progesterone 100mg on days 12-26 of my cycle for heavy bleeding and severe PMS. Last month, I didn't notice anything abnormal. PMS was a little better, but not gone. My period started earlier, lasted longer, but only had about half a day of very heavy bleeding instead of 2 full days.


Fast forward to this month, I started taking progesterone on Tuesday. Starting on Thursday night I have been very weepy with flashes of rage. I cannot stand the thought of leaving the house and being around people. We have no groceries because the thought of going to the grocery store fills me with anxiety. Yesterday I had to take my dd to church for play practice and the act of driving had me shaking. I was planning to go to the grocery store, but I came home instead. I stayed home from church today because I don't think I can handle being polite and chatty. I don't know how I will get through the Christmas Program tonight.


Dh is busy taking care of his elderly father and working overtime, so he cannot take over any of my responsibilities.


So my question--could this be the progesterone or am I going crazy?


Thanks for reading.

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