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What are 15 yo boys reading these days?

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We have a rain on forecast for the whole Christmas break, so we loaded up on books for the weeks ahead:


The Firm and The associate - John Grisham


Ford Coundty:stories - Grisham (but he said he isn't enjoying it and it goes in the take back pile)


Taken: Novelization Thomas Cook-we have never seen the series (no tv)


Artic drift - Clive Cussler (he reads all Cusslers)


Catch -22 - Joseph Heller (this was from Mom)


The Ultimate hitchhiker's guide-Douglas Adams

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Has he read The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins?


I've noticed some boys like the Jurassic Park novels, esp the first one. Somewhat different from the films, however.


Does he like historic fiction?


What about drama non -fiction? Yk, books about Titantic (not a one is coming to me now, sorry. lol)



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First, a blog for anyone looking for YA boy books: Guys Lit Wire.


Second, seeing that list, I would say, definitely Douglas Adams as others suggested, if he hasn't read them before. Along with that, I'll suggest the Robert Asprin Myth series, which is a silly fantasy series that has been a bit forgotten, but that Prachett fans might really like. Also, if he hasn't done Neil Gaiman's adult books, he could start looking at those - American Gods, Stardust, etc.


Also, if he's enjoying Asimov, he could start in on other great authors in the scifi cannon - Heinlein, Phillip K Dick, Arthur Clarke, etc. He could read Vonnegut. I feel like that's the right age for that love affair that so many kids have with Vonnegut.


Also, the Michael Crichton suggestion or Clive Cussler - a lot of those get popular among boys at that age for pleasure reading. You could also look at other pop fiction guy books.


That's not too old for Alex Rider, if you think he would like spy/adventure books. And if you wanted to stay with YA books, I also kind of like Catherine Jinks's Evil Genius books - they're dark but funny. And since he's into sci-fi, maybe he would enjoy Phillip Reeve's Mortal Engines books - they're steampunk. Oh, and speaking of steampunk, the new volume in the Leviathan books just came out. I enjoyed it a lot - it's YA, though I feel like it skews a bit younger, though it was an enjoyable story.

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Here is some of my 15yo's list:

Reluctant Spy, The

Kiriakou, John

Innocents AbroadTwain, Mark

Spy's Journal, a CIA Memoir, APaseman, Floyd L



One Bullet AwayFick, Nathaniel

Oliver TwistDickens, Charles

Shaping of Middle Earth, TheTolkien, J. R. R.

Commandos, The Inside Story of America's Secret SoliersWaller,

Douglas C.Hunting Trips of a Ranchman, Part OneRoosevelt, Theodore

Theodore Roosevelt: the Strenuous Life

Garraty, John A. Wilderness Hunter

Roosevelt, Theodore

Last Lion, Alone, TheManchester, William

Complete Father Brown, TheChesterton, G. K.

Last Lion, Visions of Glory, TheManchester, William

River Runs through It, AMacLean, Norman

Collision with History, the Search for John F. Kennedy's PT 109Ballard Robert D.

Life with JeevesWodehouse, P.G.

Murder Must AdvertiseSayers, Dorothy

Busman's HoneymoonSayers, Dorothy

Gaudy NightSayers, Dorothy

Green Ray, TheVerne, Jules

Do Hard ThingsHarris, Alex & Brett


The 'puter did ALL sorts of wierd things to that cut and paste!


Love your list, thank you! How could I forget about A River Runs Through It?

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