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7th grade ABeka & BJU Literature.

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I have a copy of A Beka's 7th grade lit book. However my ds uses BJU for English and will start the 7th grade book next semester. Would it be best to get the BJU lit book instead of using ABeka's? From the research I've done and questions asked, there really isn't a lot of difference in the lit, but I wonder since we are using BJU writing and grammar if I should go with BJU instead and if any of the writing is correlated between the two?



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I can only really speak to Abeka's LA program, but I wouldn't be surprised if BJU's is about the same.


Having used both Abeka in the past, and K12 LA (going back to Abeka Lit next year), the literature curriculums are independent of the grammar/composition/spelling components. The only difference is in the early years during Phonics, when the Abeka spelling, phonics, LA and readers have more reinforcement and review built into the program.


By the time you get to 4th grade literature (at least in Abeka, and in 3rd grade for K12), the literature can be used completely independent of the spelling/vocab/grammar components.


ETA: The only difference I've heard between BJU lit and Abeka lit has to do with the quality of thought required in the comprehension questions. I have heard that BJU requires a bit deeper thought/analysis than Abeka. This doesn't matter for me, since that isn't what I am using the Abeka Lit for.... the standard comprehension questions are fine for the light reading/exposure my oldest will be doing on a regular basis. I wll be using Progeny Press for deeper literature study 4-6x a year.


I hope this helps a little :D

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I have always like BJU reading, but we did not enjoy BJU lit 7. I think part of the reason might have been the story choices. But, I found the TM more difficult to use than prior grades. It is a fine program, you will not go wrong using it. Your dc will get a very good and broad literature exposure. But, it just didn't work well for us.

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Yes, there are assignments. Thing is, we didn't use it the way they said. I took the bibliography (I have the text and tm as well) and decontructed it, buying the source books for things. I like the variety of authors and genres represented. There's humor, stuff that appeals to guys, etc. For instance there's this one author that writes for Field & Stream magazine. I was totally shocked that he became one of my dd's favs! So that's why I liked it, for the variety it represented.

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