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Psuedo Cross Eyed?

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DD4 is like this. She is adopted, is Native American and has dark brown hair, skin and wide set eyes. My bio-kids are German/Norwegian, blond/fair skinned/blue eyes so she is visually very, very different from them.


I took her to the eye doctor when she was young for the same question and got the same answer. Over the years, I try to look at her pupils in relation to each other, and not the facial markers/eye sockets/nose bridge, and for dd4, I agree with her doctors, her eyes are truly aligned appropriately. I had never heard of this before but since I am not of an ethnicity that has the flat nose bridge/epicanthic folds of the eyes, it isn't an issue I had ran into before with my older kids.


Since you have been to a specialist, you probably know, but the medical term is Pseudostrabismus.

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