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I'm bursting with pride for DD7. I just found out that she won 2nd place in the poetry contest for the Texas Renaissance Festival School Days. She was in the Elementry School category, which is for kids up to and including 4th grade. Here's her poem on my blog.


Although DD has a natural bent for poetry, her poems before we started MCT were truly terrible. I have seen a huge improvement in her poetry since we've gone through Music of the Hemispheres.


I also want to put in a plug for the textbook Building Language. We are currently 3/4ths through it, and we really enjoy it.


I was prepared to be disapointed in Building Language, based on the negative reviews. If you look at the book strictly as a vocabulary book, I can see how you would be disappointed.


However, we started Building Language immediately after completing Music of the Hemispheres, and it is the perfect poetry extension. BL is full of mini-poems and similies/metaphors. We spend two days on each stem. The first day we discuss the vocabulary words and analyze the poems. The second day DD writes the simile and poem for the stem. DD isn't learning just vocabulary words from Building Language; she is also learning to think about how words fit together.

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