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Do you have a typewriter?

Typewriter Questions  

  1. 1. Typewriter Questions

    • Yes I have a typewriter.
    • No, I don't have a typewriter.
    • Yes, I use it on occasion.
    • No, it is decoration only.
    • Yes, my kids know how to use it.
    • No, my kids do not know how to use it.

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Ds uses our typewriter quite often. Dd likes to use it too. It is a favorite with kids coming over to play. We have a teen here today though who had never seen one before. He was fascinated with our "antique" electronic typewriter!


I learned on a manual "Olympia". You had to bang on those keys to make anything happen.

When I switched to my first computer keyboard I hit so hard that the same letter appeared twenty times. :D

We now have a really antique one from the thirties/forties, it's missing a few components and we cannot type on it. I am not sure one could get an ink band for it???

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You're missing a category, 'my kids use it occasionally'. I don't, the kids do.

But they are also computer knowledgeable, the typewriter is just for fun.


Our typewriter is almost 50 years old. Or maybe a bit more. It's definitely pre-electric typewriter. Really old fashioned, like you see in '30s movies..


I really meant to write "We use it occasionally" so that it would apply to all family members. You're so literal!

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Yes, I have a typewriter. It is an antique, probably from the 30's or maybe before. Its cloth ribbon still has some ink left, but has holes in a few spots. It takes a lot of finger strength to raise the carriage to type caps. One of my dc enjoys typing on occasion, but even a short sentence takes her a while.

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I grew up in a house of multiple manual typewriters; heard the sound every night almost from birth; and learned to type on a manual. Somehow after my dad passed away I did not end up with a typewriter.


This year I was given a beautiful antique Underwood by someone who was moving. I took it to a repair person who specializes in antique typewriters - he examined it and said it is not restorable because the moving parts have rusted together for too many years. I had really hoped we could restore it because our boys were really excited to type on a typewriter like Jacob Two-two's dad !! So now, I want to get us a working typewriter of some sort. I believe they would enjoy typing on it. They do pretend to type on it though.

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We have an electric and a "pretty old one".


We have lots of "old technology" in our house. My kids will never have a problem knowing what a lot of goofy stuff is.


We have: A rotary phone in the basement, turntables with LPs, tape decks, a reel to reel recorder, a 4 track, cameras from a 4x5 that is around 130 years old on up, slide projector, a b&w mac, a fax machine, a radio with tubes, oh, I could go on... and on...


We even have a Geiger counter from the 1950s. :D

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I don't have one--and even when I was a kid, we didn't have one. One of my very early memories is playing with the computer my dad had (HUGE! with green letters on black, and giant floppy disks...) but we never had a typewriter till my little brother hit the age of "take stuff apart and look at it." That, though, was after I had moved out. :D

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We don't have a typewriter but my kids have seen (and marveled at) old fashioned ones.


Dh and I were in Staples a few weeks ago and there was a gentleman purchasing an electric typewriter. I read that they are still widely used esp. by senior citizens.

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No, but my parents still have the one that I was typing my papers on in high school. Wait, that makes me sound really old. We had a computer, but that was back before I had learned how to use any word processing programs, and I knew how to type because it was a mandatory class for 9th grade.


Come to think of it, I don't think my children even know what one looks like.

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