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Jim Hodges audio? Opinions?

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My kids will listen to audio books while going to bed, and I love the thought of sneaking in a little history. If the language is too old-fashioned or stilted, however, they don't like it. Would Jim Hodges be in that vein? If your kids like these recordings, which were their favorites?


Thanks a bunch!


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I haven't purchased any, but I did download a Henty book from his site when he was offering it free of charge. (It no longer is). Did you find the samples he offers?


Here are some links to some free sample chapters:

Stories of the Pilgrims, Chapter 1


American History Stories, Chapter 1


There are sample chapters of the Henty novels as well.




Henty's language is, at times, old-fashioned, but Mr. Hodges reads them in a lively manner. You can check out the language of the Henty books here:





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My five and six year olds listened to the story of the pilgrims several times through in the month of November and enjoyed it. We have a few of Hodges Henty recordings, but I haven't shared those with my kids yet. My son will probably be ready for it another year or so (he just turned 7), but old fashioned language generally doesn't bother my kids.

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Guest hentytapes

Hey! This is Jim Hodges. Just wanted to confirm that I do produce UNabridged recordings of the G.A. Henty historical novels - and any other book that I record.


Also, the HomeSchool Buyers Coop does indeed have a bulk purchase sale going on right now and the highest discount rate has been reached (40%) if you purhcase 5 downloads. There are 25 titles to choose from - Henty's, Old Time Radio Shows, Christian History, etc.


I also have a sale on individual title downloads starting on my website today and going through midnight Dec 23. (For all you last minute shoppers out there!).


Merry Christmas!

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