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Will you review and edit my two week schedule, please?

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I'm planning on beginning History Makers with my kids. I'd like to make each lesson stretch over two weeks. I know several of you have experience stretching lessons over two weeks. I'd love your advice. Will you please take a look at this and give me any suggestions? Am I missing anything? I'm I just not getting it? (This is just for history, geography and Lang arts. Other subjects will follow the weekly schedule that has been working for us.)



First week

Monday: Begin readings. Vocabulary. Begin Lang Arts lesson.


Tuesday: Explorer Sheet and vocab. Continue LA and readings


Wed. Mapwork, continue reading and LA, finish explorer sheet. Select Special

interest and biography. Put books on hold at library.


Thurs: Science sheet and vocab, LA, reading


Friday: Finish LA, finish Science sheet, vocab test. 15 minutes of coursebook




Second Week


Monday: Inventions sheet. Begin minibook on explorer, science or invention.


Tuesday: Timeline work, Finish minibook. Pick up books at library and begin

special interest or bio reading.


Wednesday: Biography sheet or Special interest sheet. Begin IEW corresponding

to lesson.


Thursday: Finish any outstanding sheets or work. Final draft of minibook due

if edits were necessary.


Friday: Finished IEW work due. Quiz, test or oral presentation of any area of

interest to student. 15 minute coursebook organization.

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