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I am humbled....and thankful

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So I have been all down and whiny because I have been sick for 3 weeks, and I have been whining that "we dont have enough money" because I had to skip a family wedding and buy less for Christmas. Well....


I read Dana Hanleys post about her losing her sweet little baby in an accident.


My friend had to have an emergency c-section last Sunday because she was showing signs of preeclampsia and she spiked a fever got an infection and passed it to the baby. She was so bad off that they werent sure either mom or baby were going to make it (they did pull through and are doing OK)


Last night, our friend calls to tell us a drunk driver hit his wife head on in her van, who is 8 mos pregnant and she also had her 1YO in the car. As of last night all 3 are alive, but they dont know the extent of the damage done just yet.




and I was whining about being sick and broke. I know that everyone has different issues and none should be dismissed because someone else has it worse, but I WILL get better and my family is safe and healthy. Some arent so lucky.


I am done whining and I am TRULY grateful for what I DO have. I am going to make a point to start everyday thankful for what I have.

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I have been fussing about my kids over the last few weeks. Their behavior has been terrible - probably because they are excited for Christmas and break from school. Today, dh and I were out shopping and not once, but TWICE we were very humbled by seeing children who were not healthy. It made us both take pause and praise God for the health of our children. There is so much more that God has given us that we should be thankful for on a daily basis! God is so good. And He even promises to wrap his arms around us and protect us in times of storm. Even if someone has it worse than us, God is still right there, taking care of us too! We are truly blessed!

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Blessings to you and yours at this wonderful season of the year. It's a joy and privilege to have walls of safety around us and our family all together, isn't it? Every time we get an ice storm around here I think that if I just have heat and water, then I'm set to take care of our needs for however long it takes to get back on track. I thank God for a warm, safe house to live in with my family.


Praying for those you know who are experiencing difficulties in life right now and asking God to wrap His loving arms around them and shield them from further harm, healing them completely....

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