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Elemental Science - Where to start with a 1st grader?


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We are not using any formal science curriculum this year for K.


I like elemental Science for next year, 1st grade. Should I start with the Intro to Science or Biology? Any experience here?


Since I will have a 4yo too next fall, I thought maybe the Intro to Science might be easier to include him into?


How much writing does the Biology level require?


Thanks! :bigear:

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At the intro and biology level, the writing is mainly done by the parent. They dictate their narrations/experiment answers to you and you write it for them. You can assign some of it for them to copy, but it's really up to you how much they actually write.


As for which program to use, either would be fine, but I would probably lean towards Intro if your planning on having your 4yo tag along. Hopefully more will chime in with experience of combining multiple children as my dc are 8 years apart :).

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I've been doing Intro to Science with my 6 yo twins and 4 yo dd. It's gone pretty well so far. I haven't seen any other levels to compare but my 4 yo loves Intro. I don't think she gets as much as the older kids but she loves doing Science. Everything has been stuff she can do so far.


My twins are more K than 1st grade though so that factored in my decision to get Intro as well. They have a summer birthday and were premature and my ds is on the immature side I'm taking formal work slowly.

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