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I don't want to hijack NancyTX's school rant so I'll start one of my own......

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My oldest is in public high school. They switched him out of his biology and into another (non-pre-AP) class. They did not change it administratively. Biology is his first class of the day. Therefore, he was counted absent because he wasn't correctly in the rolls.


I keep getting "this is a crime and you will be taken to court and fined" notices from the Katy ISD (independent school district).





  1. He wasn't absent and it's their own lack of follow throough.
  2. Even if he were absent, the heart-homeschooler in me screams. He's my son. If I want him unexcused absent, he's my son.



It's absurd.

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How annoying! They need to get things straightened out over there!




I remember when my daughter was much younger, like elementary school age. Apparently I had three absences where I had called but forgotten to send in the sick note that made it all official.


And I got a letter from the school demanding that i "return child to school immediately!"


I was pretty flabbergasted because said absences were MONTHS apart... she WAS back in school.... the letter was so stupid, and, like you, I found myself thinking SHE'S MY KID!!!! Who do you think YOU are?!



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Is this based on one absence, or did they never get him off the role for that biology class?


My high school had an automated phone system which notified parents if their children were absent from school that day and what periods they missed, but didn't threaten any legal action for one day's absence.

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When my ds was a junior we were getting letters that he was close to losing his driver's license for unexcused school absences. He had been really sick that year and missed some days of school but the school has a horrible way to account for absences so he was marked as unexcused for many of them. I had to call the office and go over each day he missed, explain what was wrong with him...It took several phone calls to work it all out.

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