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HELP!! We can't figure out which editing symbol to use in EIC


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In the beginner book they want you to choose from 4 symbols to do all of your editing, (crossing out, circling, drawing 3 lines, using a caret mark).

We can't figure out which symbol to use when correcting words such as: sticked to stuck, she to her, or fast to faster.

Do we use the crossing out symbol, or the circling? My daughter has been crossing out these types of errors, but there is a little nagging doubt in the back of our minds.. is this correct?

Thank you for any help :001_smile:

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When I teach/use editing symbols, crossing out is for deleting or changing and circling is for calling attention to an issue. So words that are spelled incorrectly are circled, because I do not provide the correct word. In cases where I am writing in the word to use instead, as in the examples you gave, I cross out. Although for faster, I would probably use a caret and add an 'er'.

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