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Homeschooling Gifted Kids


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Hi Everyone,


I've homeschooled (using TWTM ) my gifted daughter (who is now 11) from the start and have written a detailed post about lessons I've learned. I hope you find it helpful: http://www.knittedthoughts.com/2010/12/homeschooling-gifted-child.html


I'd love any feedback or info about your own experiences in this area.



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I think it's just a typo. It should be this.


To the OP - I think you picked my brain and wrote almost word for word the feelings I have about many things. Your daughter sounds very much like my oldest son. The only difference is that I was lucky enough to stumble upon resource after resource when my oldest was only 3 years old. I don't even want to fathom what might have happened to him if I didn't know anything about giftedness, sensitivities, quirks, asynchronous learning, and so on. I'm so blessed to have learned all I did when he was so young, and I try not to take that for granted. I try to help others when I can... just as you so beautifully have with your post.

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I enjoyed your blog post. I found some of my own experiences with my dd in there...like learning to read on her own at 3yo and the clothing sensitivities which I have mostly learned to deal with though I still find myself trying to encourage her to be "reasonable" and wear a certain cute outfit that she picked out before deciding that such and such is not comfortable (as I remove my own turtleneck shirt for the same reason...hmmmm). My dd is also very musical and we have worked hard to make sure it stays fun and pressure-free for her. We were lucky enough to find a teacher who has her own musically talented dd so understands the pressures and can help guide us. Dd's violin teacher once told me (from her own experience homeschooling her gifted children) that people would misunderstand me as the mother and that I must forge my own path because every gifted child is different so the decisions we make for them will all be different.


It is a very lonely road parenting a gifted child. No one irl wants to hear about our worries or share in our successes except grandparents. This board has been a wonderful resource providing a few friends who understand and are willing to listen without judging you a pushy parent or thinking you are bragging.

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