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Kindle for internet capability for parents at vacation home


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The hive knows everything, so I know someone will know the best way to accomplish this.


My parents have a second home that they visit regularly. Their children would like to get them internet access for that home, because there are times that they would like to keep up with things going-on back at their regular home.


They aren't there all the time, and they aren't internet junkies even when they are home. So, I don't think it is worth the price to get a computer and regular internet access for them for the 2nd home. (When I am there with my cellphone that gets internet, they will have me look at things from time to time. At Thanksgiving I had to read them a ton, because a bunch of stuff was going on that they wanted to know about. I wasn't even there, so they would call me and I read to them off my computer at home.


Anyway, I recently saw that the Kindle can be bought with 3G/wi-fi capability. I looked and it covers their area. So, would the Kindle work for what we want. My parents aren't techy people, so it would be okay if it is a little slow. I'm not sure how much they would use the normal e-reader capability, but they might when they travel. I know the website they would normally use would not work on my little cellphone that has basic internet that doesn't open anything with Flash.


We had thought about the iPad, but it is more than is budgeted. Plus it seems there would be internet fees with it. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.


Thanks for your advice

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Do the i-pad or netbook come with free internet as the Kindle does? We don't want to get them a gift that will cost them money to use


I haven't had either one, so I don't know

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It's not a good option even though it's free. eInk screens cannot handle Internet browsing very well yet. It's frustrating to use a Kindle for the Internet, although certainly not impossible. And yes, it is your only free option except for the 3G Nook.

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It would work. I wouldn't recommend it. It would probably be a lot easier if they just keep calling you and having you read things to them from your house.:001_smile: It is a browser where you can go online. You can't do things like watch youtube on it. You can read. You can post to sites (like this one). You can use it for email. But, it is a bit difficult to navigate. It is small. You have to move around pages to see everything on them. They do not come in color (Nook does).

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