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Giving away CDs/DVDs...

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Not sure if you're interested, but for the CDs there is a board similar to paperback swap called Swap a CD you could try. It's not straight donation, you would mail out requested CDs and then earn a credit. You could then request CDs others have for a credit plus $0.40 or you if you have a paperbackswap account you can transfer the CD credits to your PBS account.


There is also Swap a DVD but you have to have the cases for those.

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That looks really neat! However, we are moving and so my goal is just to get rid of unwanted stuff. I don't want to participate in mailing/swapping right now. Any other thoughts, anyone, on whether I can give away my disks without cases?


Go and buy the paper sleeves for DVD/CDs. I found them at Walmart for less then 5.00.

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