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ILL what do you think of it?


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Is it light? It's so different than what I'm used to I'm not sure if I want to use it on it's own. We've been using BJU. But since I switched to MFW ECC I was so inclined as to scope out ILL since that's what they use.:tongue_smilie: It was cheap enough to order it and just peruse through it.


I will say I find it rather fascinating, but I also find it kind of scary as it's not traditional. And that makes my anal self nervous, but I could be open for "different".

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We love it! Both girls started will PLL and it's been very successful. I've supplemented grammar with Cozy Grammar (and Cozy Punctuation). My 11yo is also doing Editor in Chief.


I'm glad I ordered the TM, it comes in handy once in a while. It also offers extension activities.


ILL is only one part of our language arts, but it has always been my favorite curriculum for homeschooling.



The kids like that somedays are lighter than others.

Gentle, but thorough (if you take each assignment serious).

Non consumable

Everything is quality, the poems, passages, art etc.

Helps them in writing and speech.



I wish there were more books in the series!

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