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Independent Grammar for 8yo? Need some help

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Cross posted, I put this on the general board on accident. :blush:


Right now I am having major problems getting everything done.


I hop from my 3yo (who needs to go to the potty or has already gone in his pants a million times a day) I want to do Before Five In A Row with him and my middle son in the Spring.


My almost 7yo who needs a lot of help with reading and math. A whole lot of help.


I need to get lunch on the table for DH who comes home for lunch, and keep the house looking good for visitors.


The afternoons I normally do Science, History, and a read aloud for all three guys.



The easiest thing to help would be to give 8yo more independent work. He does great with Teaching Textbooks on the computer. He loves it.


So I'm thinking of doing a grammar where he watches a video (?) and then does work on the computer or in a book. Any suggestions?

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I'm not sure it meets your criteria, but my 8yo is doing KISS grammar very independently. There is instruction followed by at least a few days with practice worksheets. We just started, so he is underlining the subject once and the verb twice. KISS has as its goal for the student to identify the purpose of every word in the sentence. HTH!

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My advice is two-fold.


Stop trying to keep the house tidy for visitors and stop having visitors. You cannot entertain and school simultaneously. Pick you visitors day and focus on the house on that day.


Grammar instruction will not stick nearly so well without a teacher (sorry). Instead of adding to your day with BFIAR, instruct your 7yo. The skill is too important to let a video teach it alone. He's too young for independent work in the vital areas.


Not meaning to sound mean, just keeping it real....I know how busy a day is with all you described, I have those ages and more right now. Pick your priorities (and visitors and BFIAR could honestly drop off that list).


I have posts on my blogs on ways to handle littles during school time. Perhaps they will help. Look in the archives for appropriate titles.

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