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My 14 ds wants to play guitar! I know nothing of buying guitars!

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I am so excited about his teacher - he is awesome and the students he produces are awesome! But, I have to have a guitar by Jan. and I don't know what to buy. Ideally, I would love used, but have heard that they can be damaged (warped or something) and am scared. If they are damaged is it obvious? Thanks.

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Acoustic, electric, or classical (aka nylon strings)? On the recommendation from a worship team member at our church, we purchased a Yahama C-40 for ds who was 9 at the time (after borrowing one that wasn't in the greatest condition for 3 months). It was $150 new 3 years ago. It has nylon strings, stays in tune wonderfully. In general I think you could pick up a good guitar w/ Yahama new or used, nylon or acoustic. Probably the same would go for electric too.


Maybe try to borrow one for a few months. Check craigslist for used. Maybe the seller would let your teacher take a look at a used one before purchasing. Make sure there are not cracks anywhere on the guitar, especially where the neck attaches to the body of the guitar.

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If you are looking to buy to used, I would recommend going through someplace reputable like Guitar Center or Daddy's Junky Music. These places should have at least a 30 day return policy. That way the guitar teacher will have a chance to look the instrument over and make sure nothing is wrong.


The warping that takes place on a guitar would probably not be noticeable to the untrained eye. The neck can dip or turn making the guitar hard to play - to see it you look down the strings from the fat end of the guitar up to the tuning pegs. So if your looking someplace like craigslist, see if you can find anyone who plays who would be willing to go along with you to check out the instrument.


I made a few suggestions (as did some other people) on the thread jplain mentioned. But if ds wants an electric guitar I would suggest an Ibanez. I personally don't like their accoustic guitars(they're really known for their electrics,the accoustic guitars are more of an afterthought), but you'll be hard pressed to find a better value for an electric guitar.

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