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It was 80 degrees here yesterday.

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[smug mode] It was close to 80 here yesterday, too. Yesterday morning, we got a warning e-mail from ScotRail*:


"We're working to get trains back into service following damage caused by frozen blocks of packed snow and ice falling from undercarriages and bouncing back upwards. This involves repairs and comprehensive safety checks. In the meantime, some trains will have fewer carriages."


[/smug mode]




*We signed up to Travelline Scotland when we were visiting St Andrews over the summer, and are still apparently on their list.

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I saw 82 yesterday, I felt it too. It was beautiful and I still don't have any lights up or a tree!

It doesn't last long, I thought I missed the snow of the mid-Atlantic, but it was 21 today where we used to live. And snowing.:001_smile:

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We ought to do a homeschool house swap! We have two feet of snow on the ground, are surrounded by woods, and heat with a wood stove. Just the thing for those of you who long for snow for Christmas!

However, DH and DS19 must remain, but they are useful for chopping wood and all you have to do is feed them occasionally!


The woodstove is our only heat source, and our bedroom is at the end of the house. The cold is great for sleeping in, but taking a shower is not for the faint of heart. I do appreciate having four seasons, but I wish DH would cave in and allow a kerosene heater or something in the bathroom.

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