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Literary analysis program/guide to go alongside WEM?

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These are more in the line of supplements, but I really like Voice Lessons and Discovering Voice by Nancy Dean, and Rhetorical Devices, by Brendan McGuigan.


Dean's books have short, open-and-go lessons/practice on identifying the presence and literary significance of diction, detail, imagery, syntax, and tone - meant as class openers. I was *horrid* at analyzing passages for those things in AP Lit - just couldn't get the *point* of all of it. Voice Lessons helped me understand *why* I should care, as well as how to go about doing it :thumbup: (Discovering Voice covers the same ground as VL, but at a somewhat simpler level - can be started in middle school - you can get a good feel for the respective levels using Amazon's Look Inside feature.)


Rhetorical Devices does much the same as VL/DV, but for, well, rhetorical devices :tongue_smilie:. It gives a brief overview and some practice for each device - kind of a user-friendly intro.


They aren't full programs or anything - but they equip you to be able to analyze things yourself - give you practice with identifying and using specific literary tools.

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