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Going in today to get the Mirena, any last minute advice?

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Well, decided to give the Mirena IUD a try. Have an appt today for 1:00 EST. But my Dr. is on call so not sure it is going to happen or not:confused:


Hopefully, everything will work out, and this will help with my anemia and period issues.


Worried about the procedure, and how I am going to feel afterwards. Or even over the course of the next several weeks.


I am going to take 800mg of Ibuprofren a half hour beforehand.


I had an endometrial ablation, and I didn't find that to bad. But Iheard this is a little worse. Aack.


Any last minute advice??


Being a woman really stinks sometimes.:001_huh:

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Maybe a little cramping but otherwise it was no more uncomfortable than a pelvic exam.


And from someone who had HEAVY periods most of her life that cause anemia - this was the best decision I have made to date health wise. After one month it was a noticeably lighter cycle, after four months I spot very very rarely.


It was the bright spot of a rough year. I can say I will be happy to see 2010 gone.

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I had some bad cramping for about 3 days. I spotted for about 12 weeks (considered normal). I had pain off and on (weird pain, not cramps) for oooh almost 7 months that I ignored. Finally went in to check it out and the Mirena embedded into my uterus. SO if you get pain that you think is just not right have it checked out.


I am fine, had to have it YANKED out of me with the understanding that I could be rushed to the OR if it was embedded too much (they could only see part of the IUD on ultrasound). I bled a little and was in a bit of pain for a few days after removal.


I wish Mirena worked for me.. I really liked it when I had it!

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I had a sudden cramp right at insertion and mild cramping for a few days. I had a Mirena for two years before I swapped it for a Paraguard. I like the Paraguard better. (I could not lose weight with Mirena. I dropped over ten pounds with no effort within a few months of switching. I'm happy to be back to my normal weight.)

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Honestly? I've had worse pap smears. Just try to relax while they are doing the insertion (yeah, I know....easier said than done) as it can be a bit painful if you tense up the muscles down there. Really, just treat it like you would getting a pap done and it's no big deal.


I LOVE my Mirena! Had it 2 years now and no problems at all. It's really been a blessing and not having heavy periods 2 weeks a month has done wonders for getting my interest in TEA going again.

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