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A Beka high school science? Help

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I am considering science programs for dd for high school. Has anyone used the ABeka science program? There is an online course available through Christian Liberty Academy that I am considering which uses the ABeka texts.


FWIW my daughter's strengths are more in the realm of reading/writing/foreign language. She has no interest in science and struggles with math. I would like her to have a course that is rigorous enough to be valid for college prep, but still simple enough to allow her to focus her energy studying in the areas of her strength.



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My dd used the A Beka Academy DVD courses for 8th and 9th grade. They were pretty solid over all without overwhelming her schedule. The science fair projects can take a lot of time, but the time line and schedule was pretty easy to follow.




Just out of curiosity, what other science have you/are you using for high school?

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