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Your favorite Christmas present...

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I am finally getting around to Christmas shopping today and it has sparked memories of my childhood. I remember a lot of presents and Santa surprises, but nothing compares to the blue bike I got when I was around 10 years old.


So...I thought it might be fun if we shared. What do you remember as the ultimate Christmas gift?




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I remember getting a 10-speed about the same age. I remember it because my sister's boyfriend put it together. My parents were divorced. But it's not an ultimate gift just a funny memory.


I guess the gift I remember loving the most was my Atari 2600 when I was about 13 or so? I can't remember the age. I thought I was in heaven that I had a game system. And that was the beginning of a life long love of video games. :tongue_smilie:

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From childhood - when I was four - a sock monkey that my grandmother made for all of her grandchildren. I still have it - completely worn out :)

Also - a Betty Crocker Juicer Blender ( I think I was about 7)- odd, but that was my most prized possession for about a year!

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