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I should know this by now, but how do you get infant diaper blow-out stains OUT...

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I've had pretty good luck with washing it out by hand immediately with cold water and liquid hand soap. Sometimes a good scrubbing with a nail brush helps. Rinse in cold water and repeat. After that I would treat the stain with Shout and wash in the washing machine, cold water again. Most of the time that removed the entire stain for me.


However, my current baby didn't have a lot of those accidents, or nearly as bad as I remember with the older kids. I can't remember what I did for the really tough stains, it's been a while.

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Make a paste with baking soda and water and scrub. That worked sometimes for me.


Back in the day I didn't know this but, cream of tartar is useful for taking tough stains out as well. You might add that to the baking soda paste.


A mixture of water and vinegar takes out blood and wine, it might work on your stains.


Just some ideas that might be worth a try.

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When mine were little I had the best results with dishwashing detergent and very hot water. Another option might be enzyme cleaners, but I don't know how well they work on that particular type of stain. Since the outfit is white, perhaps you could use bleach on any residual stain after you try gentler approaches.

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i never had too much trouble with that type of stain when mine were little - some extra scrubbing and presoaking seemed to do the trick when done in time.


One time I did get a red wine stain out of a taupe sofa slipcover (dog tail swished the wine glass and it went flying) by first scrubbing with dawn, then hydrogen peroxide, then washing as usual - it vanished - I was amazed. Maybe it would work for your stain? It did not make a bleach stain on my slipcover.

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