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Reading Curriculums and Levels?


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I want to order a low stress reading curriculum and punctuation workbook tonight while Rainbow is offering the free shipping for orders over $25. I had planned on doing CLE but it's a little confusing. Do I need the reader, light units, teacher's guide and key? Or would the reader and light units be enough? I also am not sure what reading level to put him in. He's in 3rd grade but he's an excellent reader and an older 3rd grader. I haven't tested him recently but I consider him capable of reading any fiction geared towards children or youth. He's not ready for Wuthering Heights, but he doesn't need to stick to little kid stuff either. Should I stick with 3rd grade, or bump him up to 4th or 5th grade, or what?


I want something that helps him learn to pick out main ideas, protagonists, antagonists, foreshadowing, mood, etc. I don't really care to have any vocabulary, spelling, grammar, etc. He has completed Grammar Island and I don't want to start anything else. I'd rather have him just work on practicing what he's learned in his writing. I would like to pick up something that works on punctuation with the reading but I'll probably need something separate.


I need to order before 12- any quick advice, please?

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You don't need the key if you get the TM. I got reader, LUs, and TM. I could probably get by without the TM, but it's nice to know I can look things up if I need to.


I got 100 level for my first grader even though he's a very good reader. I think it will work well for him. The stories looked age appropriate, with the reading level not being to babyish. Look at the samples to see which level is a good fit for your son. They have samples of the stories and the LUs.

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