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Hotels--how do you find a nice, safe one when traveling?

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Dh and I are traveling out of state for a wedding this weekend. It is about 6 hours away and the wedding is Saturday late afternoon so we are thinking of leaving Friday evening, driving 3-4 hours and then stopping at a nice place and the going the rest of the way on Saturday. We have a hotel with many other guests on Saturday but want a nice room for Friday night.


I would love a room with a jacuzzi tub, nice breakfast, etc. We will likely be stopping between South Bend, IN and Kokomo, IN so not major areas.


Any hints?

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Well no jacuzzi tubs, but I sure seem to have good luck with the Hampton Inns, and they have a pretty cool waffle maker at breakfast. :) Enjoy your journey!


:iagree: We typically look for a Hampton Inn when we're traveling, too. I will not stay in hotels with room doors facing outside. I like the doors to the rooms to be on the interior of the hotel. I've seen some older Hamptons that have outside doors. That's when I choose a Holiday Inn Express.

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I appreciate the reviews at tripadvisor and have never been unhappy with a hotel that I've checked out ahead of time on the internet. (What a way to jinx myself for next time, haha.) Don't forget to check the bedbug website too.


Yes, we've used tripadvisor over and over again, and, while we've sometimes been pleasantly surprised, we've never been disappointed.

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