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My homeschooling journey is at an end....

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Wow, it is so hard to believe that my hs journey is ending after 12 years. Next week Ds will finish the courses that I facilitate. He will continue with CC this spring.


Last week he received notice that he was awarded a full scholarship from his school of choice :001_smile::001_smile: I am a proud Mama!



I began TWTM when he was in 2nd grade. These boards have been an enormous source of info and support. Thanks to all!

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AH your post brought tears to my eyes!!!! CONGRATS to your DS!


I'm still in logic stage but I'd love to hear what you feel you did right and what you would change looking back. Did you follow a largely WTM education or unschooled or eclectic.....or if you have posted this elsewhere, please provide a link!


Again congrats! And hugs!


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Congratulations! How hard it is to see them grow up--but I keep reminding myself that I am growing older just as fast (gulp) as they are...and I cannot continue to do what I have done for my children for the rest of my life.


And so we release them. With tears.


Yesterday I was busy, flying around the house trying to get something done when I suddenly found tears on my cheek. I realized that if my dd had been here, she would have been helping me get it all done...but now she has her own home and husband.


And yet, isn't all the hard work of homeschooling and raising our children for this very purpose? So they can stand on their own two feet and live life faithfully?


My baby wants to be done a year from now and start college in his spring semester. I don't know if I want to jump up and down or cry.




Good job, Mom!


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