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I'd like to introduce myself


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I haven't seen many introductions on this board, so I hope this is ok. I'm normally very shy in person, it's silly of me to be nervous introducing myself on this board, but I am!:tongue_smilie:


My name is Megan. I'm a mother to two boys; one who's almost five and one who's 18 months. I'm 7 months pregnant with another baby, gender unknown because ultrasounds are expensive. I'm planning another home birth using the Hypnobabies method (pain free). We're LDS and my husband and I have been married almost six years. He's working two jobs so I can stay home, but he is passionate about film. He's working with a friend to finish a script that they can hopefully produce and launch a full time career in film.


For now, homeschooling consists of reading lessons (Ordinary Parent's Guide and the white board) and writing lessons (the white board and me trying to remember how to write letters the "correct" way) and a read aloud (we're doing Winnie the Pooh right now) and playing a game (chess, Life, Disney Trivial Pursuit, etc.) Then it's time for me to nap while DS2 is still napping. I'm calling this kindergarten, even though he wouldn't start PS kindergarten til next year. However, he is just so smart and curious, it seemed silly to not teach him when he wanted to learn.


I've been lurking for awhile and finally took the plunge and signed up. I felt I had to introduce myself and I look forward to getting to know lots of you.

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I don't think it's silly to be nervous.... in fact I don't think I ever officially introduced my self on these boards for that same reason and I joined a couple years ago. :tongue_smilie: I also don't post much as you can see from my thread count, but I've gotten tons of great information here just from reading the posts of others. WELCOME!

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