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If I could wave a magic wand and cancel one show on network television

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it would be the "What Would You Do?" news show.


I just can't even watch it. I see commercials and previews for it, and I usually turn the channel.


Basically, the show sets up outrageous situations and sees if innocent bystanders will offer to help or intervene. For example, an older man in the middle of a restaurant insisting that his Amish-dressed teenage wife submits, a pregnant woman getting drunk in a bar as she claims to be "drinking for two", domestic violence in a park between a man and woman, and so on. There are other examples that are just as bad or worse than this, but I can't remember them now.


The show has hidden cameras that record whether people come to help the innocent victim or not. For some reason, I just cringe when the commercials come on. I can't see how this is enlightening for anybody. In fact, it could make people less likely to help in an odd situation as they may wonder if it is a set up like the TV show.


I don't know why it bothers me so much. I have a couple of TV shows I like to watch, so I'm not against television at all. But this show makes me....so uncomfortable.

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