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Do we have a Houston, TX mommy that shops at Ikea??

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I am not sure if we are allowed to post this here, so if it needs to be moved, please feel free to do so :)


But I am looking for this...




They "last chanced" these out at RR Ikea, a few months ago. I tried to do a phone order, but no one ever called me back. For a phone order you have to call, leave your name, number, item, and possibly e-mail address. Then in 5-7 days someone is supposed to call you with a total. Then since they don't accept CC over the phone they e-mail you a CC auth form, you fax it back, and then they'll e-mail you your order confirmation, and then another one when it ships. PITA!! But I really wanted it, so I tried anyway, to see what the shipping would be. No one ever called :glare:


Anyway, I was hoping a WTM mommy who shops there in Houston where they say they are "in stock" could pick one up for me, and ship it?? I have PayPal, and over 200 postive FB on eBay, where I've been for over 7 years. If you can help, let me know plese :)



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