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Online shopping done, I'm buried in boxes. So, I'm thinking. . .

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We have at least 10 boxes stacked up in the entryway, with at least that many more on the way.


I'm thinking: We haven't put up our tree yet (we always wait 'till near Christmas). I don't know when I'm going to get enough time to open all these boxes, sort the contents, wrap each one, and hide them somewhere. Put up the tree, test and hang the lights, put up all the ornaments, stash all the ornament boxes again. . .


I'm wondering what would happen if I just stack all the boxes in a tree shape, hang some lights and ornaments on the boxes, and call it a Christmas tree! Or, we could just paint the boxes green and paint ornaments on them!


Then, Christmas morning, we can just start at the top of the box-tree and open each box together, and I could assign the gift(s) inside to the proper person.


This has the makings of a new family tradition! :D

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I did almost everything online this year and now our enclosed porch is stacked to the ceiling with the empty boxes! I managed to use a few of the smaller ones to send packages out, but the tower of cardboard is really intimidating (and it is currently 10 degrees on the porch, so it's not getting organized anytime soon!). I should have gone with your idea and skipped all of the late night gift-wrapping sessions!

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That is a great idea! Last year I opened all the boxes and organized the gifts and made sure all arrived and all had an equal amount. My little one found them! This year boxes are stacked everywhere! I will not open them till Christmas eve! Or maybe I will open and wrap immediately.

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