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HELP! I need a craft table for DD4.....

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I've been searching for days for a craft table for DD. I'm tired of her coloring on the floor (well on paper, not directly on the floor), finding scraps of paper all over, crayons on the floor, scissors on the floor, glue sticks on the floor. I would like the table to be in the living room so I don't want any primary colors, huge plastic things. Something nice, w/ clean lines. I've been looking at adjustable drafting tables which the boys would also use. There has got to be something out there that isn't pink, have princesses all over it that she will outgrow in a year, bold primary colors, is a huge hunk of plastic but has drawers and cubbies for markers, scissors, glue, etc.


Please, please, please I'm desperate!



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Go to Salvation Army, another thrift store, or a kids consignment store to see what they have. You might find something that would be perfect with a little paint or some minor modifications. Trust me--- don't buy new if you don't have to. From the mom of one little artist to another, it will have crayon marks and paint residue on it the first day.


Our set is just a little white wooden table with two chairs that was a hand me down from a friend's parents. We store all our supplies in an upper cabinet in the kitchen because prior to that we had art supplies everywhere too. At least now, she has to ask for it (unless she pushes a chair over, but that's another story :tongue_smilie:).

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a set that we purchased at an unpainted furniture store. It was a small, round, wooden table with two small wooden chairs. Do you have an unpainted furniture store where you are? You could paint it or stain it however you wanted. Then just put many layers of poly on top.

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