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Tips for cutting gooey brownies?

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Are you using a plastic knife? The really cheap thin kind that you can't cut anything else with, are good for cutting brownies.

I had heard about this for a long time but never believed it ... until I tried it. I don't understand why, but a plastic knife is the best thing for cutting brownies.

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How do I get a clean cut through the brownies? By the time I finish, my knife has picked up so much "brownie" that I'm usually a brownie short :001_smile: Any tried and true techniques???



Do you have a large pizza cutter? That would get all the middle part cut, and you would only need the knife for the edges (which usually aren't so sticky).

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Was dreading slicing up my wonderfully gooey frosted chocolate brownies just now, KNOWING they'd be an awful mess as always--when I remembered this thread.


The plastic knife worked like MAGIC! Oh my gosh. Freaking out here. I've never cut brownies into little perfect squares like this EVER in my life, and I'm (muffle muffle) years old.


Thank you all. :001_wub:

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