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I would never have guessed...


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I have Timez Attack, the game for memorizing multiplication facts. Both boys like to walk the green guy around the maze. Just trying to keep things fun.....


DS1 was using it for learning the facts. He was not making progress and getting frustrated.


Quite awhile ago, I purchased the Kumon multiplication book. Then I decided not to use it because it was terribly boring and dry as a bone, and didn't even have a single picture illustrating multiplication. Just written facts, over and over and over again. I couldn't find even one redeeming thing about it. I put it away, unused, to sell or trade at some point.


Last week, out of frustration, I offered it to my son as an alternative to Timez Attack. I thought he would do two pages and happily choose the computer game.


Wrong - he has worked his way through the 4s and told me this morning that "this book is GREAT...much better than Timez Attack !" He loves it :tongue_smilie: I'm not sure why, but if it works for him...:thumbup: Perhaps I should find more boring materials for him ?

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Guest RecumbentHeart

That is awesome that he found something that works for him! Having so many options to personalize education is wonderful. Your username resonates with me, btw. :D

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