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2nd grader quick thinker:) Math...

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So, Just for fun! :)

My 7.5 year old thinks in strange ways :) For a second grader, at least. Here's a couple of looks into his little brain. He can add 2 three digit numbers in his head. (346 + 452= answer) He understands how to figure out simple multiplication problems.


Here's another math problem he told me.... just from thinking about it.... 3x10= 30, 30x10=300... went up to the answer being 300,000. I asked him how he would know this, and he just gives a "well mom, it only makes sense that if 3x10 is 30 that 30,000 x 10= 300,000" Ok, so it does "only make sense" but this is a 7 year old who I haven't explained any of this to....


We're doing Singapore... kinda. I mean... we do go over some of the work, but it's pretty much just easy... until the division part. That's a bit more difficult. We've done all the oral parts...orally... and he writes out answers for the rest.


It seems that he has a great brain for general memorization and also for language study. (and pronounces foreign words will decent accents)


So, I'm not thinking he's a genius by any stretch, just thinking about his studies for next year...


So... just a question about it anyone has had a child with intuitiveness with math.. and kinda what you've done...


Any fun math studies or other fun curriculum you might want to suggest??



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DD is the same age and fits your description. I just keep going with Singapore, adding in LoF, CWP, logic puzzles (we like the Prufrock Press books), and outside classes. She also enjoys chess and programming (Storytelling Alice and Scratch). which I think complement the other mathematical things we do nicely.

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