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Need ideas for learning toys


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My parents just informed me they want to get our kids some presents for Christmas. I want to ask for some learning toys to supplement our homeschool. So... my question is what learning toys/activities would you ask for in these age ranges or what do you have that you highly recommend? (Ages 20 months and 4 & 5-year-olds) We're not as much interested in electronic toys, unless it is something exceptional. Thanks for your help and ideas!

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If you don't already have them:


Magnetic letters and a board

Geography puzzles - R&S Books have some continent puzzles which look good

Math manipulatives - we have the Saxon set, which is pretty comprehensive; DS5 loves it when I get it out


I'm sure other people will have some great ideas!

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Both of my dc played so much with the abacus that I think I can count it as a toy. I love felt boards and kits of felts for encouraging imaginative play and storytelling for those ages. Puppets, puzzles, pattern blocks, memory games, almost any sort of blocks...... I really like those sets of gears, too.

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Some Ideas:


Cuisenaire rods

Wooden blocks

Tinker Toys

Lincoln Logs

Shape Sorter


Geometric stacker

Magnetic Alphabet

See and Spell



Leap Frog DVD's

Fridge Phonics

Lacing Beads

Counting Bears

Lace and Trace

Base Ten Blocks

Pattern Blocks, or Tangrams

Learning Clock

Art Supplies



Geometric Shapes


Board Games


Peg Board


I love educational toys!:lol:

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Play cash register & play $$$...and some toy food/shopping cart.


Lots of Puzzles...you can't have too many puzzles.


My mom found some neat Kid-safe kitchen utensils & measuring cups/spoons last year.




basic kiddie games - Chutes & Ladders, etc





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