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I am taking a sick day!

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At first I was going to ask for y'all to give me permission to take a sick day. But, you know what? I don't need permission. I'm just gonna do it.


I've been fighting bronchitis for the last 3 weeks and it keeps getting better then before I get completely well, it gets worse again. I ended up at urgent care on Saturday because my chest hurt and I couldn't breathe well. On top of that today is the first day in 2 weeks we haven't had someone here working on the house. Oh, and ds7 had strep last week. I'm beat and missing a day (or 2 or 3) of school isn't going to ruin the children. Nor is missing a day of work going to be a tragedy.


I am not Super Woman and (today at least) I am not going to try to be.


I'm going back to bed!

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