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Help - Looking for a portable magazine carrier.

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My brother is a trucker and I like to send my magazines out on the road with him after I have read them. I would like to get him something to carry them in so that they won't get all rolled up, wrinkled, bent or messed. Maybe something like a laptop carrier that has strap that will hold them in place or even a small basket or other kind of holder that he could set in the bunk area. Any ideas? TIA

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Messenger bag? With a removable strap, so it doesn't get in the way?

Zippered portfolio thingy?

Cloth basket thing, like are sometimes used in closets?


I have a great bag I keep in my car for maps and other bits and pieces - it is made of a heavy plastic on the large sides, and a flexible fabric on the small sides. It's a good 3" larger than a piece of paper in height and width, and about 4" deep. It's got a pocket on one side on the inside that I can use to keep things from flopping over if the bag isn't very full. It keeps all of the Mapquest papers and receipts and such out of my way. Maybe something like that would do. Things shaped like this or this?


In another direction, I have a basket that is fairly small but has a heavy base, and is designed to hold magazines upright. It is nice because it has a small footprint. Unlike many magazine holders, the sides are sturdy so the mags don't droop.

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