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Wow, it's been so long....

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.... I feel like I'm coming home after a long vacation. :D


I haven't been on this board since... September!! :eek: This past semester I had an extremely demanding class schedule, and barely had time to breathe. The plans I had for DD's school year went out the window almost as soon as we started, and we've taken a very hands-on, learning through life approach. The only subjects she's made noticeable progress in are reading and French, and a little math. (Luckily... she's only 4, so no reporting for us! :tongue_smilie:)


Today I turned in the last of my big research papers. I still have two final exams left, but I'm not worried about either. I know my material pretty well for both classes. Tomorrow, we start our new schedule for DDs school. Next semester my class schedule is much more convenient, so hopefully we can stick to it!


Glad to be back... now off to read some of the posts I've missed. (Okay, not all of them, I don't have THAT much time in my life... and you people are quite prolific. I'll be lucky if I read everything just from today! :lol:)

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