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Watching the original Miracle on 34th Steet....

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Yes, as Kathleen pointed out a first class letter is a bargain. But their customer service is HORRIBLE; what other business could stay open if they took cashiers off the register as the lines got longer? I have seen it happen too often to count. Yet at private businesses, when the lines get long, they ADD cashiers.


Then there are the postal carriers who steal Netflix movies (yeah, we had one doing this until I went to the PO to complain that I wasn't getting my movies - suddenly they started arriving!), or who wait until you come to the PO to ask where your media mail package is before they'll deliver it ("Oh, they can take a month or so" - but then mysteriously the package would arrive the next day; hmm, coincidence?). Or the one who saw the "For Sale" sign in front of our house and took it upon himself to stop delivering the mail. When I went to the PO to inquire why we weren't getting mail, the employee went to check and found a note with our mail saying we'd moved. Since when does putting a realtor sign in the front yard a notice to the PO to stop delivering mail?


Yeah, Santa would be in BIG trouble.

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I find the USPS to be a great thing. I rarely have had any issues. My letters and packages arrive where I shipped them in a timely manner and the things people send me arrive in the condition they were sent. Some of the experiences people have been posting of late give me pause but my experience is still excellent.


I have run into poor customer service in many environments. Some people are just miserable and love to spread it.


I don't think the USPS would have the time to deliver to the letters to the courthouse. Postal workers are under a lot of pressure. The "Going Postal" phrase entered our language for a reason.

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