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Need NON weight bearing exercises to do at home

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I saw the physical therapist today for my ankle. She said I need to rest it as much as possible for the next 2 weeks to calm down the inflamation and pain.


I do though need to keep exercising---esp. through this holiday season as my goal is to loose 15 pounds by March 5 when we leave for my daughter's Make A Wish trip to Disney---need my ankle to be well by then too:tongue_smilie:


I can try water aerobics and possibly indoor cycling at the YMCA but it is a pain to go there but then again, surgery and 4 months on crutches would be even more of a pain:glare:


Any ideas for good non weight bearing exercises-----I even though about the old lady "Sit and Be Fit" stuff:lol: If it would work, I would do it.


I think that my T-tapp MORE would be OK to try as it isn't a lot of impact, etc. I would just do the stretches the PT gave me instead of those.


I have a Strong Women Stay Young and Strong Women Stay Slim so maybe I could do some weight training, etc.


Any good, EASY to do ideas for a mom that is in OK shape but not great shape? If it matters, it is winter in Michigan and everything is covered in ice here right now.

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You could do a lot of weight-lifting: forward raises, lateral raises, rows, shoulder presses, etc. Most libraries have books on proper form, and there's a lot of info online.


For cardio, you could do punches (with weights, if you're up to it). It's not as good as moving the larger muscles in your legs (larger muscles burn more calories), but it'll involve all your arm muscles and your back, so it'll still get your heart-rate up.


Hope you feel better soon!

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