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About mold on window frames

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We moved into this house, and I noticed that the windows sweat really badly. I also noticed that there was mold on the frames so I was trying to get around to cleaning them one at a time.


I've also noticed that I've been congested, which is normal this time of year for me. I've also noticed that my eyes have been horribly itchy. It's so bad that I've been using OTC eye drops most days, but just noticed it said to only use it for 72 hours max...ooops. I've also been getting a lot of headaches...mild...but still nearly every day. And, I've been dealing with vertigo when I lie in bed, if I turn my head while lying down and when I first get up.


So, I spent the last 2 1/2 hours cleaning, with bleach water, all of the window frames. I have a trash can full of black paper towels that I'll be taking to the outside trash can.


So, if the mold is causing my symptoms, how long until I start to feel better?

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We have the same problem, no mold in the walls. These are just old windows with real mullions and individual pains (excuse me, panes) of glass. I occasionally clean with bleach. If you have an air purifier you can run in the bedroom (with the door closed), it will help you sleep at night.


Your nose will tell you if you have mold in the wall.

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Instead of bleach, you might want to try Concrobium Mold Control. This was recommended to us by someone at the hardware store. It helps to prevent future growth and you don't have to deal with bleach fumes.




I have never heard of this...but I need a product like this for our shower...thanks for posting it.



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So, let's assume that the window frames are the only source of mold. I've cleaned them as well as I can, and I'll be applying that stuff mentioned above asap. How long until the mold spores settle and aren't in the air to bother me anymore. I'll vacuum only with my true HEPA filter Miele for a while even though I don't have one well suited for carpet to avoid throwing it all back up in the air.

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